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Our Mission: 

To Reach the Lost at Any Cost and to use every means at our disposal to win souls for the Kingdom of God. We are determined to equip each of our students with the teaching and the tools necessary to achieve that goal.

Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Inc. Mission:

To evangelize the World for Jesus Christ; to equip every believer to become true Disciples of Christ; and to engage those social problems that challenge the communities we have been called to serve.”



  • Students will apply biblical principles of physical, emotional, and social wholeness to daily life.

  • Pastors, Ministers, Missionaries, and others will equip themselves so they are able to continue or begin their educational and evangelistic ministries. 

  • Students will show competence in defining and explaining the bible basics that was displayed in each course

  • Students will show commitment and diligence through the studying of God’s word. 

  • Students will become good stewards and build effective relationships with all individuals no matter the sex, color, or origin. 

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